Monday, January 11, 2010

How Can The (2) Texas Senators Call Anyone Racist ?

I have lived 68 years and never have I witness ,the things people will do today for an election. Is there a pot of gold or a bag of money at the end of the Rainbow,after your elected?
Senator Reid told a truth, the man simply said ,Obama is electable because of his light skin and non negro speech, that is true, not racist.Harry Reid was saying the same thing I said, this young man is electable because he looks Presidential,and can speak the English language. The truth and Reid was one of the people supporting him and they wanted a man that would not scare the White voters away, because we Black people, know we do not vote in big numbers. Yes ,we turned out in record numbers for President Obama, we need that every election, Obama cannot do it all by himself.

Senator Reid stand tall, I know they want you gone because of the Health Care bill,I hope Black people don't fall for that bu--s---, it's all game.

Texas is one of the most Racist States in the Nation,Nevada is not so that should tell you something about Harry Reid, he will be in Dallas this week,I hope to tell him how I feel.

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