Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dr.Martin Luther King, The Dreamer! What Does It Mean?

Dr. King had a Dream, he wanted all men and woman, children and alike to simply be treated the same.Dr.King wanted equal rights under the laws of the land for all people. Dr.King dreamed of , a world were people could design their own life ,and not be detered by unfair treatment because of the color of their skin.

Dr. King never ask for people of color, to drop out of school, depend on the government for your basic needs,while you spend your money on what you want.Dr. King did not dream of Young men with their pants on the ground.He did not dream of unmarried young woman giving birth to babies,with no means of support,asking the government.Dr. King dreamed of decent and safe housing ,for poor working people,the sick , disable and elderly. He did not dream of Public housing becoming a haven for young woman with multiply fathered children ,providing shelter for these young men with no visible means of income.

Dr. King never dreamed of a US, that would ship most common labor job across the Sea ,to cut cost ,helping other Countries provide for their people. A US that has define being poor and minority ,a target group , from people using a new word to conceal their racism and classicism, Conservative. The use of Conservative to explain certain act's and attitudes, does not pass the smell test. I've been a Conservative since I was a Teen,my Father was one, it does not mean hate and dislike because of financial status or race or place of origin.

Dr.King never dreamed of a time the Black Officials would treat their own worst than any Slave owner. He never dreamed that they would use their Position to hurt their people,and in the same breath cry Racism against anyone who has a different opinion from theirs.Using the EEOC to cover for bad work ethics,taking a days pay,and work half day,goof off the remainder and become angry if spoken to about it.Dr. King died
for us to be free ,and We, Black people have made a mockery of what the Soul of the Civil Rights movement was about.

I have seen no group effort to help the people of Haiti,I have seen no local Black church missionaries working in foreign lands.Correct me if I am wrong.I do believe the TD Jake's ministry has some in Africa.I know Dr. King would be very unhappy ,to see little boys with cell phones and no hair cuts.Girls showing all their skin,false hair and nails going nowhere. Black people we have killed Dr. Kings Dream.What a shame,what a shame, for him to have given his life and Our repayment is total lost of a Generation of people, and Public Officials going to prison all over the Country.

President Obama has made one of Dr.Kings dream come true ,for that ,I am happy,there should be hundreds of Obamas in Dallas alone,every thing is available to people to achieve that goal.

Haiti is a small poor Country of ex slaves ,who fought for their freedom and the right to have a Country of their own.If they had wanted an easier life,it would have been better to remain under the rule of the French,they knew freedom was the correct way.
They didn't sell their Soul and quest for freedom, for a Mercedes Benz,Cadillac,Lexus,2 storey,gold grill,pants on the ground,crack,weed and etc.
Wake up Black people !Dr. King had a Dream,now you have nothing,pick up,become a dreamer so you can live a better quality of life.
Let Dr.Kings Dream become alive again,with our actions.

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