Monday, January 01, 2007

Dallas Cowboys and T.O. Could Be Helped !

It is sad for Jerry Jones to spend so much money and time for a group of People to make a good Team and the Calvin Hill and wife staff does not recognize what the real problems are. We read the news clips about Team not ready to play, team did not play
as if they wanted to win. T.O. Missed catch, T.O. talk to much. There are some real problems at Valley Ranch and it has nothing to do with Talent. The Calvin Hill and wife team has not a clue. Number one Calvin is a fine man ,but he is an ex player still living his life as a player through the players he is suppose to help. I do not know his wife's professional background but I do know that some of the problems the Team suffer clearly could be corrected if someone knew what they were doing. I do not know Robert Newhouses job and again I know Robert and he is a very good guy but being a good guy and knowing how to help a person in crisis are different things.
I offered to help DISD for free, I went and spoke with Jerry Jones five years ago and offered to help him with his players problems he told me he had Calvin Hill for that job. I said ok not wanting to say anything about Calvin but, I said to myself
you might have him but someone is not taking care of the none football related issues that plagued your team.
What can I say today the very same situation exist and he still has Calvin Hill and wife doing the job. Jerry Jones knows how to make money but he does not know mental and social service need that even the Rich suffer from, and the young men he hires come from very different backgrounds and they bring their home issues into training camp with them and they are not going to share that with anyone who might effect their ability to play ball.
Some one call Jerry and tell him Betty will still work with his players and work
through their personal issues so their minds will be free to play ball, and they will not get shot nor have accidents leaving strip clubs.

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