Friday, March 23, 2007

Cowboys and Super Bowl Bid

I hope we can put to rest why the Cowboys are not in Dallas. They are not here for the same reason they went to Irving. Dallas City Leaders wanted to dictate where the stadium should be built. They refused to let Clint build where he wanted to, Downtown. Same situation different Leaders , same City and mind set. Nothing seems to change in Dallas but people rotate around and do the same silly things never looking at what it caused the first time around.

Jerry Jones tried doing business with Dallas County to avoid the City of Dallas even got State Law passed for that purpose.
First thing Dallas County Commissioner did was not allow Cowboy vote to be placed on a November ballot , had nothing to do with Cowboy's. Next former Commissioner Jim Jackson wanted the location picked before the County would talk tax share. Already there are two things going wrong. Next the Cowboys made an Offer ,again told pick your location first. Next Council Griffith suggest Fair Park, then Chaney got going on it never once did anyone think, that just maybe the Cowboys do not want to build in Fair Park. It was a good idea but it was not the Cowboys idea.

Now it's Super Bowl bid time and the same Dallas MIND SET Leaders are making more out of this then they should. If they were more informed they would know the NFL has a contract with HYATT for headquarters. If they would just keep quite until it's time to make noise about something that matters. I have attended the past 12 Super Bowls and they are fun and the cities really go all out for the NFL and they make money. If any person on the City Council would just
go and look at the set up they would see there is no way Dallas can lose on a Super Bowl. When Phoenix host Super Bowl ,Tempa and all surrounding cities are full and busy. Dallas City Officials please go outside of Dallas and your hotel rooms and see something for your self. Please leave your office, your car and see the World.

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