Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making It Clear on Press Conference

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am against Proposition 1 and 2 .
I was invited to the press conference by the Oak Cliff Chamber.I support Mayor Leppert on issues that I believe in. I whole hearted support Councilman Dwain Caraway ,Tenell Atkins and other Council members.
I was offended by the words used by some of the speakers during the press conference.
Comparing the opponents of the hotel to Jim Crow ,rapping about Crow and other words used were inappropriate in my opinion. Other people in the audience were offended also by the sounds they made after a remark was made.
My point is the time is over when you need to use emotional words to influence Black voters.Black Elected Officials need to use the same method Obama used to energize voters.
Mayor Leppert to his credit told them "you do not need to protect me" I can take care of myself. I am just sick of Black people in Leadership acting like clowns to make a point.Our people understand educated statements on issues important to them and their quality of life.
I remember when the convention center hotel was on the table before, and a group of Cows ended up on the site.I also know that as a DFW Board member I voted to build a Airport Hotel against opposition.
I have no problem with the issue. My problem is with Leadership from the Black Community continuing to present issues in a way that touches the emotion of people vs. education on issue to get votes.Obama has shown that if you have something to offer people will follow.Time has passed for emotionally fused words to strike emotions and continue to keep the same out of date Officials in office.

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