Friday, April 24, 2009

Commissioner John Price/Betty Culbreath/Love Hate Relationship

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John Price, Betty Culbreath Love/ Hate relationship: for the Record

I have absolutely nothing against Commissioner John Price Wiley Price, in fact I Love John and always have. John Price has been a part of my life for close to 40 years .John has been very very good to me and I to him. Commissioner Price first found dislike with me because he did not like the fact that when I had a radio program, I did not cut people off if they said something critical about him. He told me about it after I ask him why he was acting strange towards me, I told him the program was live and I would not cut people off. We sort of made up for a while. I’m not really sure why he found dislike the next time he did not say, I did not ask.
Every Tuesday in Commissioners Court for two solid years Commissioner Price would attack every item I had on the agenda just for the hell of it to make me squirm. I took it because being a Department head you are paid for working and I felt that if one day a week I had to be drilled over routine issues it was part of the job. The hurt was heavy on me because I did not know why someone I cared so much about and had worked so close with and shared so much could turn on me without a reason. At this point I had done nothing that I was aware of to hurt Commissioner Price or if I did I did know what. I went to the Doctor only to be told I was suffering from major depression and put on medicine. I still worked every day. Suffered a Heart attack on the job hospitalized for five days. I did not know at this time I was in renal failure also.
Members of the Commissioners Court would say John and Betty have a love-hate relationship .I was in no position to either hate my Boss or take any action against him. He had a love –hate relationship with me I guess.
People, who knew us, would hear violent arguments on issues in the Community, when I worked in the Commissioners office, me trying to tell him what I though was right after the argument we were just as close and the issue event over. We would go have lunch or dinner.

A new group of people started to hang around Commissioner Price after I left his Office and went out to Human Service and that’s when the Big change came. They did not like the relationship Commissioner Price and I had so they were Hell bent on destroying it and that, they did. I did not know it then, I found out much later.

Commissioner Price has never heard me say or do anything to hurt or harm him. His circle of people tells him all sorts of foolishness about me and he believes them. They make up stories and plant them in him and he falls for them. I think I got mad at John because he believed theses weak fools who only want to use him up, with me out of the way they can. I did not allow them access. There never were two people who made a better Team than John Price and me we hung some Moon’s.

After my near Death health crisis I promised God that I would live for Jesus and make amends to people that I had wronged or offended and ask forgiveness. Commissioner Price was the first person and only person on my list because I could not understand what I did or what they say I did to make him so angry with me. I wrote and ask him to forgive me if I had done something wrong to him, unintentional hurt him or what ever the case please forgive me. I got no response from the Commissioner.

I write this very personal blog so that you, the General Public will understand when I criticize an elected Official It’s the position they hold not them. I am not mad or have any hard feeling towards Commissioner Price. I love John Price and will be at his side when he needs me and all the others are gone.
I have a right to speak out when I feel my elected representative is wrong. I did it in the pass and I do it now.

Today, a radio commentator asks Commissioner Price what he though about my comment on his Jim Crow talk, he asks the man? You talking about the woman, who ran for Office but could not win? That is so funny .All John can say about me is I ran for Office and did not win he loves me and will not say anything bad about me.
John Price and any other person in this City know I train John, Kathy, Rob Allen and a lot of others how to run a campaign. I ran Johns campaign and got him elected.
For the Record:
I ran for school Board to make a point “Get out of Federal Court” after the election we got out. Did I win Hell yes, something that had been going on for 32 years was over.

I ran for City Council same reason make a point “Stop a fraud”. Did I win Hell yes, Scam did not happen.

If Commissioner Price was still talking to me he would never have said anything about Jim Crow because I would have made him remember what it really meant to Black people, he would have still said something about Crow but it would not have been that.
While his paid crony stood there laughing at him make a fool of himself.

If you see my Love one tell him I am sorry and really want to talk with him. I dream about the good times when he would bring his friends to dinner at my home every Sunday after church and fellowship with me and my family .I loved cooking for him.
It’s painful to love someone and they stay mad about Nothing for six years.
Commissioner Price God has me in the Love Mood I hope you will join me.

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