Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Well Now Two More Elected Officials Acting Like Thugs!

Well I guess you will call me every thing but the "Child of God" but we just had to more minority elected Officials acting like street thugs in a very sacred building. The George Allen Court building. If the news is reporting correct information.
I have no idea what happen or who is right or wrong, however I do know ,if the Judges
had any altercation in the Court House visible or heard by members of the General public or theirs staff their actions were wrong. The case has been forwarded to the Texas Rangers by the Dallas County Sheriff.

A Judge is the highest office one can obtain that directly effects a persons life with the decision they make. If a Judge cannot control his temper or his emotions in an email to another Judge how can he sit in Judgement of others. It's a dam shame and I hate to hear it on the local news.

Judge Cortez and Moye what could be on your mind?

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