Monday, May 18, 2009

There has been so many people that I love, admired and respected pass away lately. I wonder if God is having a reunion of his faithful ones? I speak with people one day and a day or so later they are gone. I see so much life lost to useless crimes,I wonder if People realize what Life is worth. Do Young People or Old know when it's over it's over.
The Young man new to Dallas and trusting of people had his life taken for no reason, I cried for him and his family.The Father who took his and his sons life saw no other way out.
We need to pray hard and fast to stop the people from harming one another.Politicians need to project a soft and warm spirit so we can turn this Thing around, Pastors need to pump it up.
Please do what you can to talk with people under pressure, understand them, reach out to them remind them that Life is good and once a person is gone there is no miracle portion to bring them back. One shot, one stab wound a car wreck, driving drunk, talking on cell phone can take a life. Stop Think About It. Don't hurt or harm

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