Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ok! Dallas Dirk Nowitzki Loves Woman of Color .Get Over It.

OK! Dallas now you know something that I have known for years. Dirk Nowitzki loves Woman of color and always has. That is one of the reasons he has kept his private life so very private, he knew Dallas would hate him for loving women of color. In Dallas we are so very racist in public but, Oh so equal opportunity in the bedroom.
Dirk is not the only one they are from the Board room to the wash room, baseball, football you name it.
White men love woman of color. Dirk is not an American so his love for women of color
Is a choice he made and it has worked for him.

The number one reason Black people are all different colors. White men have been in love with Black women since the beginning of time.

Dirk Nowitzki, its not wrong to love Cristal Taylor, she had some problems in the past trying to keep up, spending money, writing bad checks and misdemeanor thief. That does not make her a bad person. Is she wrong for doing those things yes, does that make her bad no. Martha Stewart went to prison. Judge Mathis went to jail.
Mark Cuban and party would love for you to date Martha Stewart her crime was the same.

Dirk, Dallas Fans, Mavericks and some of your employees want you to kick Cristal to the curb but you love her. Everyone around you Claim to care for you but you pay them so sure they care. How could Cristal know you all this time and no one checked her out until you ask her to marry you? If in fact you were having an investigation done for pre nuptial you were serious about her.

Dirk, Cristal is human she made a lot of mistakes but don’t allow your People to keep you from extending a helping hand. This Lady is in jail, no money and no help, if you love her help her. That does not mean you want to marry or have a relationship but if she lived in your home for two years, she deserves some help from you. Legal help so she can get her life on track. The case in Beaumont will not fly; Texas does not put people in jail for not paying a bill so that can be beat with good legal Counsel. The probation case in the other State is so old she will get time served or reduced sentence so she really will be back on the street in no time.

Cristal you need to think about your life and realize your beauty is 37 years old and will get older by the day so you cannot continue to use it to influence men to be good to you.
Get a job or education so you can care for your self, gain some confidence in self not beauty. Dirk Nowitzki loves you I believe, but you past caught up with you and has destroyed what has been your lifetime dream, marry a man with money. I am sure you care for him but God has interrupted your life for reason. Claim Jesus and leave reporters alone. Pray for God to send you some help quick!

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