Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can We Stop Hateing People Who Disagree With Us?

May 23, 2009

I ran for City Council in 2006 the day after the election, I checked into Baylor Hospital and had major surgery. I kept the surgery quite because I was still a DHA Board member. I was hospitalized for seven days. My friend and one of the hardest working Councilman at City Hall, Dwain Caraway was by my side and all. Took me home from hospital. And saw to it I had every thing I needed.
I tell this story because after that surgery

I sort of mentally separated my self from Politics and stayed out of it so I could recover. The DHA board was a natural for me it’s my profession. I did not miss one meeting due to illness. I am now on the DFW Airport board and its hard work so many aspects to the organization. It is very political. Just two short years and the climate have changed.

What I have found this time round the people in Power want you to agree with them on all issues as if you give up your identity and mind to serve. They get mad with you and you become the enemy vs. a person with a mind of your own. What is strange is your opinion is not contrary to their opinion they just don’t want you to express it’s as if no one has sense but them.
They really become angry with you and you end up on the s---- list. To make this City and Country great it will take all of us. No man no matter how smart knows every thing
We all need help.
Many mistakes are made because people think they are so smart and know everything until they put their foot in their mouths daily. Some have the God mentality if they say it
It’s the law.
Pray the people will give up that nasty hate of people who simply have a difference of opinion.

President Obama has said our opponents are not our enemies and that is so true good open dialogue Is healthy I hope the New Council will understand and have more tolerance for other peoples right to the First Amendment.

This comes from experience.

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