Thursday, May 21, 2009

Round One: DA Craig Watrins vs. Commissioner Price

Well, the show is on at Dallas County. Freshman DA elected County wide, very well liked, doing good job named Texan of the Year by major news organization in one corner.
Career 25 year County Commissioner elected from District 3, Jail problem, budget short fall, been in confrontation with lots of people, bad press on Inland Port and etc,
Timing is the only thing saving Commissioner Price in this battle.

Black folk are happy with Craig Watkins being first Black DA. People all over the World like the fact he has return Justice to the criminal justice system.

If and when the Voters are forced to make a choice it will be the Black DA who has restored honor to the office. Many people are already mad at how Commissioner Price is treating Craig Watkins. The one saving grace is DA Watkins has not called Commissioner Price’s name as being the one, but the street grape vine has it and now everyone knows. John is correct in handling the budget it’s his job and responsibility, but to say the DA is in La,La Land.
The side bar work that the Public does not see is why the DA responds the way he has. I retired form Dallas County in 2004 they had started to ask all Departments heads to cut % back then and every year since, this budget shortfall is nothing new. Dallas County has the lowest tax in the State and that is good. The Commissioners Court is responsible for the Jail being in the condition it was in, Sheriff Bowles asks year after year and was turn down, but his jail still passed inspection. In the same budget. I was in the same hearing begging for my budget, the budget office turned me down every year for jail health even when Parkland was paying, The way Budget works at the County is: the budget Office sends you a budget based on current spending and staff, they then ask you to submit your new request for the new year, this information is given to budget office, the analyst meets with you and HR review you staffing request after that the budget office sends to the Commissioners Court what they recommend you get. Budget hearing is when the Commissioners hear your plea for new items that budget office did not recommend. Thos decisions have Cost the County close to 50 million dollars.
Neither jail nor jail health ever failed inspection during the five years I was in charge of health and worked with Sheriff Bowles. We had no new lawsuits either.

It is time Elected Official take responsibility and do what is right raise the DAM tax.
Officials are being irresponsible in asking staff to cut, cut, and cut when the only thing to do is raise more revenue. I worked for Dallas County 21 years I know how lean it is in terms of staff. I also know how Commissioners pick on different Directors and Officials.
Mike Cantrell hated me so he got off the Health Advisory Board, he could not take a Black woman speaking up. Jim Jackson could not stand Bowles that’s why they set him up. I could write a Book about what went on at Dallas County 21 years but the County has been good to me, so I will take it to my grave with me.

You need to write and tell the full Commissioners Court to do the right thing, raise taxes to fund basic County service we do not mind paying a little more for Justice to remain in the Court House. Commissioners Court 411 Elm St. Dallas, Texas 75201

I write this blog under the First Amendment, not as a Public Official.

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